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We urge and recommend all customers to do their research, find out  more about what product they're seeking to get. We  strongly advice all customers  to visit our blog, read all the present and previous post to give you a knowledge of the products and services we offer. Note: we can't give you all details over the phone, so to save both our time kindly visit the blog page and educate yourself.



We have taken the liberty to share with you some commonly asked questions by our potential customers. The information's on this page is very helpful to you so make sure to read and understand the content before calling our customer service for any related doubts.  


Visit sHOP

After you must have educated your self with the much information's we have provided on the blog and FQA pages, done further  research on the internet, done your findings and  pretty sure this is what you wanna get then feel free to visit our shop to view and compare product prices. Again here, if you are not sure on the number of cc to get, email us a picture of your current butt size and a picture of what you wanna achieve after the procedure so we can recommend the number of cc you would need. 



At this point you must have known the product you want, the amount of cc you need and also order the product kit. It is advisable to book an injectors appointment after you have purchase and pay for your kit this way we can track and appoint an injector to your specification. Nonetheless, you can as well book the appointment during the ordering process. Note: Appointment date should be book for in a week from  order date of the kit as it takes 3-5 days to get delivered to you. The package should be received and kept in room temperature before the appointment day.  



  • Our injectors are mobile and travel all over the USA upon appointment so avoid calling and asking if an injector can come to your city because the answer is YES.

  • Yes again, we have injectors stationed in major cities of the UK, CANADA AND AUSTRALIA and ready to come to you upon appointment. 

  • We're an online shop and we do not have a physical location. We're an online vendor, intermediary for the product manufacturer and arrange appointments between the customer and the injector.