The $510 is charge per session. It includes the injectors fee and traveling expenses. The flat fee $510 is required to be paid in cash after the procedure is done.
Injector's appointment
2 hr

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Fetish Fantasy Sex Machine features: Hands free masturbation for both men and women. It is so powerful that it get you off in minutes guaranteed. It comes with one attachment of realistic 7 inch dildo, variable speed and strokes. It's portable as well and weighs 6 pounds.


Fetish Fantasy Sex Machine Give a new definition to hands-free masturbation. Suitable for both men and women, this powerful sex machine included 1 attachment -- a realistic dildo. 

With bearings design the Fetish Fantasy sex machine is adjust the in height and angle of penetration using the 360 degree rotational arm, and set the thrusting speed with the user-friendly, easy-grip control pad. With suction cup pads to ensure your sex machine stays in one place during your play, no matter what position you're in.

A Fetish Fantasy Sex Machine